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You happened to me.
You were as deep down as I’ve ever been.
You were inside me like my pulse.

Marilyn Hacker, from Nearly A Valediction (via perfect)

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A part of me wants to be a writer.. Like, just to write things or some thing , that would make people feel. Wether it be poetry ,or a book, or something . Just something that someone would read and relate to it in some way, and help them really FEEL what’s in their heart or soul better , if that makes sense . Or if someone felt numb, and they’d read it, and maybe wouldn’t feel as numb anymore.

Tim Horton’s oreo donuts doe😍👌!

It is dreadful when something weighs on your mind, not to have a soul to unburden yourself to. You know what I mean. I tell my piano the things I used to tell you.
Frédéric Chopin (via d0wntime)

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